Custom Patterns

Custom patterns will guarantee your job will fit properly.  RV and marine vessel berths, seating areas and built-ins have unique shapes that skill in patterning is a must.  Enclosures that are torn and warped surely need a new pattern designed.  New patterns allow one to redesign features at that time, improving functionality. 

IMG_3195 (1).jpg


All products will be delivered and installed to ensure they fit properly.   A walk through with my customer is the final step to show how to use all the features on each project.


Design Consulting

I provide design consulting with all my jobs.  I listen to what you want to create and suggest fabrics,  colors for your textiles and component suggestions.  These services are included with most jobs, if you would like full renovation design consulting, a fee can be negotiated. From toilets to faucet fixtures, I can suggest products and resources for your complete upgrades. 



My seam shop can produce anything sewn,  from pillows, upholstered seats, covers, enclosures, canopies etc.  



My seam shop is available to repair items in need of some TLC.  Zippers, tears in canvas, repairs to components etc. are welcome to our shop for replacement.